Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Dating can be a huge labyrinth of feelings, emotions, ups and downs. Things always start out great, you get high on love and fall into the ‘Honeymoon’ stage of the relationship where you feel a deep love and see each other through rose coloured glasses, but, at some point that initial ‘puppy love’ stage, which can last different durations for each individual, ends and the real relationship begins. If you are wondering if the relationship you are in, is a healthy one, regardless of what part of the relationship you are in, here are a few indicators:

• Honesty- you and your partner are honest about future goals and wants
• Trust- you both feel you can discuss anything, the good and the bad
• Identity- you both keep a healthy individual identity
• Support- you support each other’s interests and goals
• Respect- even when you disagree, you respect the other’s opinion
• Teamwork- you both contribute to the relationship and responsibilities

If you have all of these with your partner, chances are, you are in a healthy relationship.