Top 3 tips for your dating profile

Dating in a modern world is a complete game-changer, long gone are the days you would be introduced to a friend of a friend and wound up married ten years later, more and more people are starting their relationships via online dating apps. With so many users choosing to use online dating websites or apps the competition is fierce. The first thing a potential partner will see if your dating profile so its important that your profile is funny, insightful, and unique because if it isn’t this could put off potential love interest. We have put together a list of our top 3 dating profile tips.

1. A photo speaks a thousand words – it really does. Avoid any cliché photos. ensure its clear who you are, a solo photo is best. Make sure your photo is high quality, grainy photos are off-putting.

2. Avoid any negatives – when filling in the about you this is really like a CV for your life. Negative statements can give wrong impressions. Everyone has dislikes but listing 30 of those can appear very fussy.

3. Check your grammar and spelling – slang words, incorrect spellings, and poor punctuation will be picked up and could lose you a date.